Whether you are doing routine maintenance or doing up an old car I have what you need, although I do not carry fluids such as oil and screenwash. I carry both imperial and metric sockets and spanners up to 32mm or 1 1/4″ (BSF), and the Whitworth equivalents. Occasionally I get bigger ones but the sockets are usually for 3/4″ or even 1″ Drives. The socket sets are mostly new. To be honest they are fine for domestic use but not designed for heavy duty. A decent set should cost £30+ but, IME people are reluctant to pay it. Most of the old spanners are good names such as Britool, King Dick and Superslim with a smattering of Geodore, Bedford and so on.


Open Ended Spanner Combination Spanner Ring Spanner

Combination spanners have the same size at both ends, one ring and one open. The sets I sell are this type but I also have bundles of single make sets that can be just ring or open ended. I have a good selection of metric spanners of all types at present.

25 piece sets £30. (chrome or matt finish)

I have split some sets to get the rarer individual sizes.

Prices each, 6-11mm 50p, 12-19mm £1, 20-28mm £2, 30 & 32mm £3


6 piece open ended spanner set £5

5 piece economy combination set £3

Individual second hand spanners are 50p up to £5 for a really big rare one.

I have now separated off the following manufacturers of A/F & Whitworth Spanners:

Williams Superslim, Britool, King Dick, Gordons, Garringtons, Bedford, Snail, Geodore & Elora. Please ask if not visible.

I usually have wheel spanners as shown £4 and  the extendable 21″ as well £10

I am trialing a new 1/2″ drive torque wrench from Blue Spot for £35


Adjustable Spanner
Adjustable Spanners

6″ £2,  8″ £3,  10″ £4,  12″ £5, 14″ £8.

Ratchet Spanners
Ratchet Spanners

They are new, they are not very strong. They are for quickly turning not starting or finishing. Metric and imperial sizes. £2.50 each or 5 for £10

I have now picked up some slightly better quality combination ratchets  £3 each

Box spanner
Box spanners

A bit old school but can get you out of a jam where space is limited. Predecessor of the socket. Not always calibrated but hard to break. I usually have some tommy bars as well to turn them. £1 each.



I have metric and imperial sockets, individually for most sizes 1/4, 3/8 & 1/2 inch drives, imperial and metric up to 24mm and 1 1/4″ with the occasional larger one, plus tork , E-socket and Hex and screw bit. 1/4 or 3/8 socket 50p, 1/2 drive sockets £1. Deep sockets are more expensive and, mostly new 3/8. Standard sockets up to 28mm and  1  3/16″ at present.

I normally carry rails of metric and S.A.E. sockets mostly 1/4 inch. drive but I have some 1/2 inch at present.

Impact Socket

I have 1/2″ drive impact sockets individually at £2-£4 each.

Please note that all manual Impact drivers have a half inch socket drive under the bit holder.

I now have a 10 piece set by Blue Spot includes 19mm, 24mm and 27mm.


10 piece Impact Socket set £15

I now have deep impact at £3 each and a full set for £35

Manual 1/2″ Impact driver with bits.

Tork & E Sockets

I usually have individual sockets in all drives.  Tork bits £1. 1/2 Tork bits £1.20. 3/8 e-socket 75p. 3/8 hex or screwdriver bits £1 and the following sets

15 piece tork set £12

Also 15 piece hex set £12

11 piece spline set £6



Ratchet driver

Please note, it is recommended that you do not try and finish tighten or loosen (stuck) nuts with a ratchet- it will break.

The new ones I stock are by Marksman, they are OK as long as you do not force them too hard.

1/4 £2.50,    3/8 £3.00,   1/2 £3.50.

In general I sell second hand ones at the same price but not if they have cost more to buy

I also sell adaptors, extensions, knuckles £1-£3 dependant on size and quality.  I have Speed drives in 1/2 or 3/8.

Special order of 1/2″ drive T bars in stock only £3 each

I rarely get s/h breaker bars or torque drivers.

I invested in some half inch drive bars from Blue Spot at £17 each ,£12 from Nielsen and shorter ones at £8

Socket Sets

All sockets sets shown are new. They are metric and imperial.

40 socket
40 piece 3/8 Now £5
25 piece 1/2″ drive Special offer £10
52 socket
52 piece

Special Offer £10

94 piece Socket Set

Special offer £45

I currently have a couple of made up sets with older  & stronger sockets in and some socket only sets in both metric and Imperial sizes.

I now have a brand new set of Multi-purpose sockets that will fit most types of bolt. 19 piece for £38


And am Trialing a high quality 1/2″ drive set from Newsome £60 (image to follow)

I also have several screwdriver  bit sets with sockets

101 piece set £15

Allen Keys

Allen Key
Allen Keys

For full details see the DIY section. Suffice it here to say that I have individual Allen keys and sets, both hex and Tork.


Other Automotive

Foot pump
Air, Tyres

I sometimes have foot pumps and usually I have small compressors that run off the cigarette lighter socket. Foot pumps can have one or two cylinders. In general a single is £5 and a double £10. Electric inflators £8-£15 dependant on make and model, I also usually have tyre pressure checkers, depth checkers.

I have new single cylinder foot pumps in stock.

I have several s/h battery chargers at present and some cigarette socket tyre inflators (new)

For Taps and Dies see the Engineering section.

Abrasives are in the DIY section I have planishing hammers and dollies from time to time. (out of stock)

Chain Wrench

Rare large tool for trucks or large pipes. I have  one which is by Record. I quite often have the smaller air filter version.

I have a good selection of Grease guns at present, but do not stock grease for refilling them

I now have in 2 ton Trolley Jacks, new and cased £40.

And asecond hand one 1-5 ton £15 .

And a scissors Jack £5

I also have a pair of Car Ramps £15   and two odd axle stands (not a pair) £3 each

I usually have plastic petrol containers £1 without  nozzle and £2 with.

I have a 10ltr and a 5 ltr jerry can at present

I get pullers, and splitters so please ask if you cannot see them. Also Tyre levers, and some bodywork tools. I even get brake or clutch tools, so it is always worth a look or an ask. I have even been known to pick up obscure replacement parts for old cars or trucks.

I have got some Citroen spares in and some odd electrical bits.

12/24 v inverter now in. 150-1000w. Please note the plug sockets. £50


Come and look, you might be surprised.