Whether you are doing routine maintenance or doing up an old car I have what you need, although I do not normally carry fluids such as oil and screenwash. I carry both imperial and metric sockets and spanners up to 32mm or 1 1/4″ (BSF), and the Whitworth equivalents. Occasionally I get bigger ones but the sockets are usually for 3/4″ or even 1″ Drives. The socket sets are mostly new.  A decent set should cost £30+ but, IME people are reluctant to pay it. Having said that I do have some better quality sets in the £40-£60 range. Most of the old spanners are good names such as Britool, with a smattering of Geodore, Bedford, and so on.

I am now carrying new trolley or bottle Jacks and usually have axle stands and/or ramps. I have foot-pumps and usually inflators that work from the cigarette lighter. I don’t tend to stock the jump starters as the batteries deteriorate but I normally have mains chargers

I have recently picked up a variety of parts and spares, some generic and some model specific. You may have to dig about a bit to find them though. I have also a couple of cleaning and maintenance sets from new cars.


Open Ended Spanner Combination Spanner Ring Spanner

Combination spanners have the same size at both ends, one ring and one open. The sets I sell are this type but I also have bundles of single make sets that can be just ring or open ended. I have a good selection of metric spanners of all types at present.

25 piece sets £30. (chrome or matt finish). Latest set is from Blue Spot. (Nielsen shown)


small spanner set
10 piece spanner set

Nielsen Version £10

I have split some sets to get the rarer individual sizes. Prices each, 6-11mm 50p, 12-19mm £1, 20-28mm £2, 30 & 32mm £3


6 piece open ended spanner set £5 (Roll not included)

5 piece economy combination set £3

Individual second hand spanners are 50p up to £5 for a really big rare one.

I have now separated off the following manufacturers of A/F & Whitworth Spanners:

Williams Superslim, Britool, King Dick, Gordons, Garringtons, Bedford, Snail, Geodore & Elora. Please ask if not visible.

I usually have wheel spanners as shown £5 and  the extendable 21″ as well £10

I have a new 1/2″ drive torque wrench from Blue Spot for £35


Adjustable Spanner
Adjustable Spanners

6″ £2,  8″ £3,  10″ £4,  12″ £5, 14″ £8.

Ratchet Spanners
Ratchet Spanners

They are new, they are not very strong. They are for quickly turning not starting or finishing. Metric and imperial sizes. £2.50 each or 5 for £10

I have now picked up some slightly better quality combination ratchets  £3 each Full set £35

Box spanner
Box spanners

A bit old school but can get you out of a jam where space is limited. Predecessor of the socket. Not always calibrated but hard to break. I usually have some tommy bars as well to turn them. £1 each.



I have metric and imperial sockets, individually for most sizes 1/4, 3/8 & 1/2 inch drives, imperial and metric up to 24mm and 1 1/4″ with the occasional larger one, plus tork , E-socket and Hex and screw bit. 1/4 or 3/8 socket 50p, 1/2 drive sockets £1. Deep sockets are more expensive and, mostly new 3/8. Standard sockets up to 28mm and  1  3/16″ at present.

I normally carry rails of metric and S.A.E. sockets mostly 1/4 inch. drive but I have some 1/2 inch at present.

Impact Socket

I have 1/2″ drive impact sockets individually at £2-£4 each.

Please note that all manual Impact drivers have a half inch socket drive under the bit holder.

I now have a 10 piece set by Blue Spot includes 19mm, 24mm and 27mm.


10 piece Impact Socket set £15

I now have deep impact at £3 each and a full set for £35

Manual 1/2″ Impact driver with bits.

Tork & E Sockets

I usually have individual sockets in all drives.  Tork bits £1. 1/2 Tork bits £1.20. 3/8 e-socket 75p. 3/8 hex or screwdriver bits £1 and the following sets

15 piece tork set £12

Also 15 piece hex set £12

11 piece spline set £6



Ratchet driver

Please note, it is recommended that you do not try and finish tighten or loosen (stuck) nuts with a ratchet- it will break.

The new ones I stock are by Marksman, they are OK as long as you do not force them too hard.

1/4 £2.50,    3/8 £3.00,   1/2 £3.50.

In general I sell second hand ones at the same price but not if they have cost more to buy

I also sell adaptors, extensions, knuckles £1-£3 dependant on size and quality.  I have Speed drives in 1/2 or 3/8.

Special order of 1/2″ drive T bars in stock only £3 each

I rarely get s/h breaker bars or torque drivers, besides,I cannot guarantee calibration of second hand torques.

I invested in some half inch drive bars from Blue Spot at £17 each ,£12 from Nielsen and shorter ones at £8

Socket Sets

All sockets sets shown are new. The cheaper sets are metric and imperial.

40 socket
40 piece 3/8 Now £5
25 piece 1/2″ drive Special offer £10
52 socket
52 piece

Special Offer £10

94 piece Socket Set £50

Newsome Socket Sets

High-Quality Sets.

22 piece 1/2″ drive £50.                                                       26 piece 3/8 “drive £40.

I currently have a couple of older sets and some reconditioned stronger socket sets in and some socket only sets in both metric and imperial sizes.

I now have a brand new set of Multi-purpose sockets that will fit most types of bolt head (spline, hex, or tork). 19 piece for £38


I also have several screwdriver  bit sets with sockets

101 piece set £15

Allen Keys

Allen Key
Allen Keys

For full details see the DIY section. Suffice it here to say that I have individual Allen keys and sets, both hex and Tork.


Other Automotive

Foot pump
Air, Tyres

I usually have foot pumps and small compressors that run off the cigarette lighter socket. Foot pumps can have one or two cylinders. In general a single is £5 and a double £10. Electric inflators £8-£15 dependant on make and model, I also usually have tyre pressure checkers, depth checkers.

I have several s/h battery chargers at present and some cigarette socket tyre inflators (new)

For Taps and Dies see the Engineering section.

Abrasives are in the DIY section I have planishing hammers and dollies from time to time. (out of stock)


I have a good selection of Grease guns at present, but do not stock grease for refilling them

I now have in 2 ton Trolley Jacks, new and cased £40.

And second hand ones 1-5 ton £20. I also now have some Bottle Jacks.

I also have  several axle stands £8 a pair

I usually have plastic petrol containers £1 without nozzle and £2 with.

I have a 10ltr jerry can at present £10

I get pullers, and splitters so please ask if you cannot see them. Also Tyre levers, and some bodywork tools. I even get brake or clutch tools, so it is always worth a look or an ask. I have even been known to pick up obscure replacement parts for old cars or trucks.

12/24 v inverter now in. 150-1000w. Please note the plug sockets. £50


Come and look, you might be surprised.