Trowels, paint brushes and rollers, cold chisels, hammers, levels and marking tools. At any one time I will have plumb bombs or other marking lines.  I do not go out looking for fixtures, fittings, nails etc. but I have a few packs. I have some tiling spacers amongst other things also.


Plastering Trowel

Plastering trowels: new from £2 second hand from £1, with or without serrated edge

Brick Trowel
Brick Trowel

Very much dependant on size and quality.

Second hand £1-£5, New £1.50-£8


50p each including the small triangular ones

I usually have a mortar raking or pointing tool or two

Paintbrushes 50p.

Small brushes up to 2″ 50p each. Larger 5″, 6″ and masonry brushes £2 each

Rollers  £1. Sleeves  £1, Large Trays £1. Set of  small roller & tray £2, Large roller and tray £3.50 Ceiling/floor rollers £5

I do not sell paints or solvents.

Cold Chisel
Cold Chisel

£1 each. I usually have the SDS versions also from £2-£6

Plugging Chisel
Plugging Chisel

Including the 4 pointed version £1 each

Bolster Chisel
Bolster Chisel

Bolster Chisels £2-£4 depending on size and quality

I also carry a selection of punches and miniature chisels at £1 each

I normally have both hand and electric tile cutters plus nibblers and scoring tools. I also carry tile drill bits.

Brick Hammer
Brick Hammers

Scutch hammers have removable blades which I also carry

Full Scutch £5 -£8+

Brick Hammer £3-£5. Normal hammers £2-£3. Rubber Mallet £2-£4.

Thor Hammer

I often get Old Thor hammers with one or more heads in place but I am not allowed to supply replacement heads without a 50lb press.

At any one time I will have hide, aluminium or copper headed hammers, usually around £3 but new Thor are £10

For normal hammers please see the DIY section

Pick Axe
Pick Axe

Pick axe £6-£10 (in stock)

S/H in stock £10 each

I occasionally pick up pavement mallets and tarmac compressors. Prices vary.

Spirit level
Spirit levels

Boat levels, as shown, can go for a much as £8-£10 due to antique value but normally

Small level £2 up to 6ft for £5-£12. I have a good selection at present.

Laser levels I get less often. Prices from £25 depending on quality and / or purchase price. Three in stock

I usually have Chalk lines, Tape measures, pins etc both new and s/h

Standard 5mtr retractable measure £2.50


For saws see woodworking or DIY section I have now new rip and tenon saws at £5 each
Screwdrivers and pliers are in the DIY section

Tarpaulins from £3 for 9″ x 6″ up to £12 for 12″ x 18″.

I also have some air powered tools and fittings and sprayers. See the Power Tools section for more details