I carry new and second-hand spades, forks, rakes, and hoes.  Also shears and pruners plus trowels etc. I do not carry soil or fertilizers. I am now stocking hose pipes and fittings including sprinklers.

This the only section where I have specified the power tools rather than in the Power tool section. I do not buy powered gardening tools at the wholesalers unless there is a really good deal so most, if not all will be used.  I occasionally pick up antique and farming tools.

Hand Tools

Digging Spade

Second hand £5 New £6.

I usually have some shovels but rarely pick up trenching or other specialist spades.

I now have a modern version of the Post digging (or grafting) spade at £12 Second-hand ones will depend on quality and purchase price


As with the spades. £5 second hand, £6 new

I do get pitchforks and occasionally Potato forks.


The Dutch hoe has a flat profile the Swan Hook is upright. A Stirrup hoe has a thinner blade which is angled to sit flat to the ground.

New £5 Second Hand £3


Cultivators are three (or more) prongs offset to disturb and dig into the soil. I now have some new ones to compliment the second-hand ones that are at present in short supply (both long and short handled.)



New £5, second hand £3.

Grass rakes £5.

Also a quantity of claw weeding tools


Edging spade. The better ones have a footrest. £3£5

Smaller hand tools

New £1.50£2. Second hand 50p£1.

I usually have a selection of varying quality hand tools including weeding tools and mini-cultivators.

I also have some new telescopic trowels and forks at £5 each

And a Knife for weeding between slabs (I do not usually have the brush as I do not rate them)

But I do have an electric brush with a replaceable wire wheel

I get kneelers in from time to time. The one I have is by Hozelock and not shown


New or second hand they are £5. I reckon the older ones are better but the customer is king.

I have new and second hand in stock

I sharpen all my reconditioned shears and will sharpen yours for £3

Long handled Shears
Long Handled Shears

£6 each. I get 10 times more edgers than forward facing.

New ones are £8£15 depending on design and quality. At present I have new &  second hand versions of both sorts.


Two basic types. Cross cut are like a small shear, Anvil the blade hits the stop as shown.

I rate anvil loppers but you pay for the quality. I have new and second hand in stock.

Single length Lopper £5£8

Extendable Cross cut £12

Extendable Anvil £15

I now have some new long handled loppers for high branches £15


As with loppers there are the two types

Second hand £2 New:  Cross cut £3,  Anvil £4

I pick up various cultivators, weeding gadgets and antique tools. See my specials for anything of interest

Axes & Blades

Proof of age may be required if you appear to be under 18.


Hand axes £5-7. Felling Axes £6-£15. Machetes £6 (army ones, if I get them are £30). I keep Machetes out of sight for safety reasons

At present I have, several new and secondhand hand axes and  felling axes, also Machetes in stock plus an old Khikiri

I have pruning and/or lambs foot hand knives £5 each

Pick Axe
Pick Axe

Debatable whether this is gardening or building. £6-£10. 3 in stock

Mattocks have a broader front blade. £8. Adzes have just a forward facing broad blade. (out of stock)

Antique and specialist picks will vary according to cost.

I often pick up hand scythes and sickles £5 each but full sized Scythes start at £15 when I get them.




I have a few styles of gloves. Polka dot ones shown. I have also some gardening ones

Also Pvc coated, and rubber and normally the yellow ones as shown below

All gloves £1 a pair

Yellow Gloves
Yellow Gloves
Zip Ties
Zip Ties

£1 per pack. Quantity depends on the length, I don’t tend to stock gardening wire.

Hose Pipe Fittings

I have a tray of Hose pipe fittings and taps at present including new ones of the most popular types, plus nozzles, and sprinklers.

I have in at present a number of hose reels of varying lengths

Garden Sprayer

I have one in stock £5

Power Tools

Lawn mowers, Hedge trimmers, strimmers, chain saws, blowers, even Shredders… I get them. But I do not go looking for them unless asked to. I do not carry petrol on the van for insurance reasons. Nor pressurised gas. I warrant my tools, subject to use and condition.

*Hedge trimmers £15-£25,* Mowers £25+, *Strimmers £15-£25, *Chain saws £40 *Blower, vacuum £30+. Bosch models carry a premium.

Current stock

Selling quickly:

3 electric chain saws, 2 rotary mowers, plus a petrol Qualcast Suffolk, an old Qualcast barrel,  4 Strimmers (2 multi trim),  3 hedge trimmers, and 2 blow/ vacs, but 0 garden shredders.

I also have a pond vac.

Illustrations may not match the models I have.

Hedge Trimmer
Hedge Trimmer £15-£25 each

Chain Saws £40-£60 each


Strimmers (design varies) £15-20 each