This is where you will find the things that don’t really fall into any category or are so transient that it is not worth mentioning them elsewhere.

I do not stock hardware as such. I do pick up bits when clearing sheds. They are now roughly organised.  I carry 13 amp plugs, wander sockets and wire connectors, adaptors and some extensions. I have also some cable. I have sourced some new bolt latches, and have a selection of keyed locks. I have trays of wire fixing tacks, washers and raw plugs, but I have now cleared most of the odd screw and nails leaving a few prepacked and a couple of tins of loose screws, etc which may have what you want.

At any one time I will have a selection of Pen Knives. I purchased a quantity of Pliers multi-tools complete with carrying pouch £5 each. Others will depend on purchase price and quality.

I also have Pruning and Lambs Foot Knives in the Gardening Section £5 each

NB Proof of age may be needed when purchasing knives or other sharp instruments

Safety Equipment

I am now stocking Safety glasses, Knee pads, Face masks, and earplugs. I often get Ear defenders as well. I am now stocking some Hi-viz clothing.

Glasses and Goggle style £3.50 each

Hard capped (like shown) £5, Leather £3

I apologise but in the recent pandemic face masks have sky rocketed. I have got simple masks at £3.50 and valved builder’s masks at £5 each.


Simple ear plugs 50p a pair

Hi-vis waist coats £3, Jackets £20, Trousers, £5,


Due to popular demand I now stock a range of tarpaulins as shown, but there is a current shortage at all my stockists.

6″x 4″, 12″ x 8″, 9″ x 18″ & 18″ x 24″. Prices start from £3 up to £12


Bungee Chords

I only sell the thick, strong ones.

24″ £1.25, 36″ £1,50, 48″ £2.00, 72″ £3.00

Zip Ties
Zip Ties

£1 per pack. Quantity depends on the length (and purchase price). Generalised = Short, medium, or Long. Good range in stock


£1 a pair. Styles similar to those shown. I also usually have riggers, & heavy duty rubber.

At present I have some lightweight domestic / household gloves as shown below

Household Glove
Household Gloves 50p

At any one time I will have a selection padlocks starting at £1 for small ones.

Stanley Knives

Stanley Knives are not necessarily made by Stanley but the name has become generic for this type of knife.

Price depends on make, model and strength. (Picture is generic)

Stanley Knives
Stanley Knives

I sell basic knives and replacement blades

New knives  £1-£2, Second hand 50p

Current price for replacement blades: 5 for 50p

I have some folding knives in at £1.50 each

I also usually have a selection of Craft knives and blades.


gaffer tape
Gaffer tape

50m rolls £2.50 Also PVC tape 50p, insulating tape 50p, Double sided tape £2, and Masking tape 50p each

I now have some smaller reels of Insulating tape and Masking tape at 30p each

Also, now,  PTF tape 50p


Wire Strippers

Wire Strippers can be found with the pliers £1.50. I also have some electrical crimpers

Circlip Pliers

Exact design and colour may vary, The illustration is for the modern multi-head variety.


Leather Punch
Leather Punch

£3.50 each (exact design varies)

I also often have Eyelet pliers with eyelets included £3-£5 dependant on purchase price

Hole Punches
Leather Hole Punches

I pick these up from time to time. £1 each

I rarely get letter or number punches, but have some indivdual numers and letters, not sets.


Bolt Croppers
Bolt Croppers

At any one time I may have a pair or two of these. I have bought in some 8″ and 14″ new ones

Price depends on purchase price and / or quality. BlueSpot 14″ £15 Nielsen 8″ £8

Wet Stone
Wet Stone

I have usually got one or two of these £3 each.

Older ones can be a bit more if they have a decent box, and I have several at present.

I do get cigar or boat shaped stones but they tend to break easily. (in stock)

tap Spanner
Tap Spanner

Another one for Ronnie Barker.

This is for shifting stiff stop cocks £3, sometimes called a “crow’s foot”



As explained in the Gardening section, I do carry such things but they are not on obvious display for Health & Safety reasons

£6 each. Very sharp. I may need either: a proof of age or an address.

Khukri (English Kukri) is the Nepalese Gurkha knife. I sell them as a gardening tool. Generally, around £35 depending on age and condition. Ideally, they should come with a leather sheath and two accompanying small knives.  I am out of stock of these but have a few odd blades, mostly decorative plus two blunted dueling rapiers.

Soldering Irons

Soldering Irons

I normally have both new and second hand versions of these. New £5. S/H £3.50.

I have also  at least two Wellar hot wire type guns

I am stocking solder but am not able to get flux at present.

I have several gas powered soldering pens

Glue Guns

I normally have 400w Glue Guns and their sticks in stock and may have some of the smaller ones as well


I recently purchased a quantity of fluorescent bulbs and fittings and bought in the starters to go with them. Most sizes of bulb £3 each

I have a variety of cable, from three core, through armoured to security and aerial wire.

I now have quite a few standard light bulbs including a few of the old type that are no longer sold but some older fitting still need them (my outside light for one)

I also have several L.E.D. strip lights ready to go.


I usually carry basic multi-meters (as shown) and sometimes antique ones.  The one shown is from Bluespot £6

Also, Electrical screwdrivers: either insulated or testing.

I have a quantity of switches and plug sockets, and back boxes, along with mostly 4 gang extensions and some utility leads.

I carry 13 amp plugs, 3 pin connectors, through switches, 3-way adaptors, and Shaver sockets. I now have wander sockets and 4 gang terminals.

I also have spade connectors and plastic joints, and the crimpers to fit them with.

I have some 110v leads, junction boxes, and connectors along with a transformer

I have also telephone and audio cables, including some scart and USB.