This where you will find the things that don’t really fall into any category or are so transient that it is not worth mentioning them elsewhere.

I do not stock hardware as such. I do pick up bits when clearing sheds but they are rarely sorted or even organised. I recently got some electric switches and sockets, I normally carry 13 amp plugs and wire connectors, adaptors and some 4 gang extensions. I have also picked up a selection of door locks and barrels. Plus I have a couple of tins of loose screws etc which may have what you want.

Pen Knives

At any one time I will have a selection of Pen Knives. I purchased a quantity of Pliers multi-tools complete with carrying pouch £5 each. Others will depend on purchase price and quality.

I also have Pruning and Lambs Foot Knives in the Gardening Section £5 each

NB Proof of age may be needed when purchasing knives or other sharp instruments

Safety Equipment

I am now stocking Safety glasses, Knee pads, Face masks and ear plugs. I often get Ear defenders as well.

I am stocking sanitizer for the current Covid-19 guidelines.

Glasses and Goggle style £3.50 each

Hard capped (like shown) £5, Leather £3

I apologise but in the current pandemic face masks have sky rocketed. I have got simple masks at £3.50 and valved builder’s masks at £5 each.


Simple ear plugs 50p a pair


Due to popular demand I now stock a range of tarpaulins as shown.

6″x 4″, 12″ x 8″, 9″ x 18″ & 18″ x 24″. Prices start from £3 up to £12


Bungee Chords

I only sell the thick, strong ones.

24″ £1.25, 36″ £1,50, 48″ £2.00, 72″ £3.00

Zip Ties
Zip Ties

£1 per pack. Quantity depends on the length (and purchase price). Generalised = Short, medium or Long. Good range in stock


£1 a pair. Styles similar to those shown. I also usually have riggers, & heavy duty rubber.

At present I have some lightweight domestic / household gloves as shown below

Household Glove
Household Gloves 50p

At any one time I will have a selection padlocks starting at £1 for small ones

Price depends on make, model and strength. (Picture is generic)

Stanley Knives
Stanley Knives

I sell basic knives and replacement blades

New knives  £1-£2, Second hand 50p

Current price for replacement blades: 5 for 50p

I have some folding knives in at £1.50 each

I also usually have a selection of Craft knives and blades.


gaffer tape
Gaffer tape

50m rolls £2.50 Also PVC tape 50p, insulating tape 50p, Double sided tape £1, and Masking tape £1.50 per pack

I now have some smaller reels of Insulating tape and Masking tape at 30p each

Also, now,  PTF tape 50p


Wire Strippers

Wire Strippers can be found with the pliers £1.50. I also have some electrical crimpers

Circlip Pliers

Exact design and colour may vary, The illustration is for the modern multi-head variety.


Leather Punch
Leather Punch

£3.50 each (exact design varies)

I also often have Eyelet pliers with eyelets included £3-£5 dependant on purchase price

Hole Punches
Leather Hole Punches

I pick these up from time to time. £1 each

I rarely get letter or number punches.


Bolt Croppers
Bolt Croppers

At any one time I may have a pair or two of these. I have bought in some 8″ and 14″ new ones

Price depends on purchase price and / or quality. BlueSpot 14″ £15 Nielsen 8″ £8

Wet Stone
Wet Stone

I have usually got one or two of these £3 each.

Older ones can be a bit more if they have a decent box.

I do get cigar or boat shaped stones but they tend to break easily. (in stock)

tap Spanner
Tap Spanner

Another one for Ronnie Barker.

This is for shifting stiff stop cocks £3, sometimes called a “crow’s foot”



As explained in the Gardening section, I do carry such things but they are not on obvious display for Health & Safety reasons

£6 each. Very sharp. I may need either a proof of age or an address.

Soldering Irons

Soldering Irons

I normally have both new and second hand versions of these. New £5. S/H £3.50.

I am stocking solder but not flux at present

Glue Guns

I normally have 400w Glue Guns and their sticks in stock and may have some of the smaller ones as well


I recently purchased a quantity of flourescent bulbs and fittings and bought in the starters to go with them. Most sizes of bulb £2 each

There were a few full battens and diffusers plus one very good quality double bulb unit. I now have some standard light bulbs including a few of the old type that are no longer sold but some older fitting still need them (my outside light for one)

I also have several L.E.D. strip lights ready to go.


I usually carry basic multi-meters and some times antique ones.  The one shown is from Bluespot £7

Also Electrical screwdrivers either insulated or testing.

I have some switches and plug sockets, and back boxes, along with mostly 4 gang extensions and some utility leads.

I carry 13 amp plugs, 3 pin connectors, 3 way adaptors and Shaver sockets.

I may also have spade connectors and plastic joints at any one time.

I also have some 2 pin spotlight bulbs.

I also have  some 110v leads and connectors.