Power tools are a major headache. New ones should carry warranties but the wholesalers do not have to take them back. Old ones tend to be better but all I can do is test that they run. Contrary to popular opinion, the law states that I do not need to P.A.T. test every old electrical appliance  (unless I am planning to use it in public). My obligation is to check visually and ensure that it runs. I do not check them under load so occasionally they will not behave properly. I offer a no quibble returns policy within a reasonable period of time.

As stated elsewhere I do not usually deal in battery operated tools unless they are new or come in a job lot and appear to be OK. Battery life is about 2 years, even now. Nickle Cadmium is now obsolete due to the disposal. There is a metal Oxide replacement but as yet is it not common. Lithium is now almost standardised but much more expensive. if you are buying a new Drill/ Driver you want to be spending at least £60-£80 preferably with a spare battery. I am now finding some chargers but they are usually NiCad and tend to be brand, even battery specific so please bring in what you want to charge. Please see below for anything I have at present

My new power tools are domestic orientated despite some of the packaging. The angle grinders will only run for about 10 minutes before you have to let them cool off. NB I cannot warranty against misuse.

If you are looking for new Bosche or Makita, go elsewhere. I can get them but I doubt you will like the price. If you find cheap Makita chances are it has been stolen, and for that reason I do not buy second hand Makita tools unless the ownership is certain.

I have a good selection of 1/3 sheet sanders, delta and/ or mouse sanders, drills, rip/circular saws and Jigsaws. I usually have new angle and bench grinders, and now I am carrying a circular saw, orbital sanders, reciprocating saws and pillar drills as well At any time I might have larger machines like bench saws, or Chop / Radial Saws. I also carry heat guns. and usually have electric planers.

I carry accessories for power tools including drill bits, grinding discs, rip or jigsaw blades and various grinding and polishing bits for drills or mini-grinders (Dremel is a trade name)

I pick up other power tools from time to time. Some are listed below. The most up to date info is on Facebook.

I am now stocking some Air tool supplies

Battery Drill set back in £60


I occasionally get Arc or MIG welders, And some accessories including rods.

I have only a mask and some rods in stock


Mitre Saw
Mitre Saw

I have several mitre (chop) saws but sold my last radial recently

Cut off saw (out of stock)




Metal cased Stanley drills, go on for ever £10 each I have a complete set with Jigsaw, sander and rip attachments.

I usually have a large collection of spare chuck keys but you must bring your drill to me if you want to be certain of a match. £1 each. (Believe me there is quite a variety although there is one common one)

More modern drills from £15, again I have a good selection at the moment. Any Bosch I have go for  a premium

I have a more powerful 900w drill

900w drill


And a Makita with a right angle head on it
NEW Drills

Electric Drill
Nielson 600w Impact Drill (out of stock)

Reverses, so can be used as a screwdriver. £25

5oow drill
Marksman 500w drill

Slightly less power, Slightly cheaper at £22

SDS drill
SDS Drill

Or Rotary Drill. Originally invented by Bosch. The good ones are over £100. I can get new ones for around £65 but I do not rate them.

I carry the drill bits and the chisels. Drill bit prices start from £2.50 each, up to £8 for the longer ones. Chisels £1-£6, pus I have some cased sets.

I sell the conversion chucks to allow you to use normal bits in your SDS drill at £5 (keyless now available)I get Pillar Drills from time to time

Pilllar Drill
Pillar Drill

I have invested in a new small pillar Drill for £100


Varying manufacturers. Depends on what I have at the time. Bosch and more powerful ones are £20.

I have a new one by Hilka for £30

I have a new Nielsen Reciprocating Saw £70, and several secondhand including a Bosch  £30 & a B&D Sabre Saw £25

Circular saw

Circular SawVary in size, power and quality. I am a bit low at present so bought in a New Amtech for £70. Second -hand ones start from £30.

I carry blades for most regular sizes.


1/3 sheet or delta, £15 if boxed. Good selection, most at 130w power.

Mouse sander
Nielson Mouse sander

With plastic dust box. £25

Also a similar sized Square shape for £18 (Powercraft equivalent) and a S/h Black & Decker Mouse

Orbital Sander
Orbital Sander

Nielson Orbital Sander £35.


I carry the sanding discs in both common sizes. Also the drill attachments with a hole in the middle

Belt Sander

Belt sanders are less common. I have a Bosch £30.

The length of belt is not universal so you need to know your specs if you want to replace yours. I have several sizes of belt in stock including the narrow file one

Please note that the length of sanding belt varies from machine to machine and is critical when finding the right replacement

Nielsen Multi-tool £35

I don’t always have these, ( I have an Amtech version at present) at £35 they are not cheap. They have a delta sanding attachment a scraper and cutter.

I have sourced replacement fittings £10 and single blades at £2 each

Bench Grinder
Bench Grinder £25

I have a new version in stock (Not as shown) £35 with one coarse and one fine wheel. I have the replacment stones.~

There are more powerful versions out there, which can be more expensive when I have them. I have a couple of 300w  versions.

I now have a stock of the wire brush attachment, as well as stones and a polishing wheel.

Bench Grinder wire Wheel

Price is £6

Angle Grinder

Hilka Angle Grinder

I have had to stock Marksman due to availability. The box states a year Warranty. However they will not warranty against misuse which means running the blade too thin, running the wrong sized blade or running it continuously. Price £35 and a 9″ for £70

I don’t get second-hand ones often but at present I have  several including 9″

I sell all grinders with keys and usually have replacement keys available.

9" Grinder
9″ Grinder

I sell the discs, both carbide and diamond tipped (see below)



They tend to go for £25-£55 depending on make and power.

There are two chuck sizes although there is usually a sleeve to convert the bigger one down.

Heat Gun

Heat GunFor wallpaper stripping. the better ones will seal felt. This one is not bad for £15 (out of stock)

Second-hand ones usually go for £10 and I have a few to choose from.



At present I can only get a mini-grinder in a full set £35. But, I will sell you the grinder alone for £15

I also have a couple of second hand at the moment.

I also have two engravers (one old, one new).



Actually, I don’t like these. You have to keep them moving or they will plough, and the blades are a nightmare to change and sharpen. ( I carry the replacement blades) Suffice it to say I only sell them ready to Go £20 will get one like the one you see or similar. I have a few to choose from.


I often get powered tile cutters and have several in stock at the moment £20

I am finding table saws hard to come by.

I now  have a second-hand Clarke 20″ for £60 and a Wickes 18″ for £50


Apart from drill bits and a few old saw blades for obscure machines, the accessories are going to be new. I carry blades for Circular Saws, Bandsaws, Jigsaws and reciprocators, plus discs for Angle Grinders and all sorts of attachments for drills  (I even have some of the saw and sanding attachments for the Old Black & Deckers)

Driil bit rack
Metal / GP Drills £1 pack of 2 (50p each loose)2mm-8mm


Spade Drills £2 each 6mm-38mm


Spade Drill set

with extension £5

Masonary Bits

Old or at least not from the wholeseller, 50p. New £1 each, long ones available both SDS and traditional

SDS bits from £2.50

Up to £8 for the really long ones. They will fit in a standard chuck, it is just that the SDS drill will not hold other types

I also have the SDS chisels up to 3″.

Drill Bits
Wood Bits

I usually have packs of general, or specific drill bits from £2 a pack and longer masonary bits (not SDS) at £1 each and have several cased selections with or without screwdriver bits.

Driver bits

100 for £10 . Individually 25p each. I usually have other sets, with or without drivers

Mini Grinder accessories

The set shown is £10 But I have a good selection of polishing, grinding and cutting sets, mostly around £5 a set

Grinding stones
Grinding stones
Wire Wheels
Flap Wheels

Please note that these are for drills. Larger ones are £2. The Angle Grinder flap wheels are £1.50 each

I have now started stocking mop attachments. The full set is £35. Larger singles £2, small £1. Grinding compound blocks £1 each.

Also sanding and abrasive discs

The full set has 35 pieces including the mandrel £20. Individually I charge 50p a disc and £2 for the mandrel.

Grinding Discs
Grinding discs

115 mm carbide discs are £1 each. Diamond edge cutters start at £3 each. NB Carbide discs do have a shelf life (sell by date)

9″ Grinder discs are £3 each but the diamond tipped ones are much more expensive coming in at £9+

Occasionally I get 10″ cutters for skil saws (£15). Carbide £3

NB I will not warranty machines if the wrong size blade is used

Packs of Sanding discs/sheets start at £2. Belts are £10-£15 per pack of three, 5m rolls  (fit third sheet sanders) 40-120 grit £5 each

Jigsaw blades 50p each or 3 for £1. (make sure you know which fitting you need)

Reciprocating blades from £2 each. Carbide tipped masonary blade  £8

Circular saw blades start at £3 (Pack of three £9) each but rise steeply as the size grows. I try and carry most standard sizes up to 10″. £15 will get you a pack of 3 medium sized and 2 larger sized.


Rotary Polisher

one in stock

Jackhammer / road Breaker

out of stock


I  have:

18v , 2 batteries, 1 hour charge, carry case and accessories included £60 (36NM)

Nielsen 300Nm 18v impact wrench (1/2″ drive) 2 batteries and fast charger £100 (300NM)

Amtech 18v 1/4″ impact £60 (100NM)

Nielsen 18v single battery, slow charge, £40 (30NM)

18 ni-cad with 2 batteries (new) £50

Hilka 18vLi  impact with 2 batteries and charger £70 (26NM)

AN 18v Lithium with screw rail £80

I also have 2 Bosch 3.5v screwdrivers £10 each

I cannot warrant the life of second-hand batteries


110v Power Tools

These used to be the only tools for working on building sites but they have now been superseded by battery power. Consequently they have dropped dramatically in price and increased in availability. I have a good selection, mostly Makita

Current Stock

Several junction boxes and extensions

Several drills including an SDS and an impact wrench

3 x  9″ grinders

Rip saw, Metal saw, Screwdriver, drills Jigsaw, Reciprocating Saw, Staple gun, soldering gun.

Air Tools

I often pick up Spraying tools and some Air tools. I am now stocking Air lines and connectors. ( 1/4″ & 1/2″)

Air Lines £10 each

Connectors £1 each

Couplings £2 each

I also have a Clarke Needle scaler, 7″ Rotary Sander, Drills, cut off tools,  stapler, and several sprayers


Garden Power tools are in the Gardening section