Here is the place for the general tools used around the home and for hobbies, and crafts. I guess I could put the whole stock here but I will try and link to other pages where needed.


Traditionally there are two types. Flat head and Posi except that strictly speaking a posi-drive has 8 not 4 driving blades .

I have one left now, 39 piece Screwdriver set, with stand and Magnetize/demagnetizer. There is also a cased version.

£15 set



The one shown is just a plain x. Handles vary from plastic and synthetic to traditional wood. I have a large selection mostly at 50p each but I pick out the better ones for a £1 each. Also I have split off several of the popular handle styles, and the smaller ones.

I am now carrying sets and singles of most Torx sizes (6star) popular on modern appliances. New version now in, individually calibrated for quick identification.

Jewller Screwdrivers

Often sold in packs of 6 or 24. I tend to sell them individually at 50p each or 3 for £1. When I get them the packs vary from £1-£5

Yankee Screwdrivers
Pump Drivers

Often called “Yankees” but that is the trademark name of the Stanley version. Three sizes, with interchangeable bits. The smaller one had some specialist bits but usually there were just two sizes of flat and X. The X ones are harder to find but I have quite a few at present.

There is now an adaptor available that will take the modern bit. I don’t carry it as I can’t get them wholesale. Axminster tools is the place to get them, I think they are around £3.95 at present. Having said that I am not convinced that the small bits will take the force of a pump without shattering and they do not take the impact ones, which are bigger.

Small £3-5 depending on whether there are bits included. Medium £5, Large £8. Bits £2 each. I have a good selection of bits at present

Multi-bit Screwdriver
Multi-bit drivers

There are now a vast array of specialist screw heads including Torx, Hex, and three or more sided. As they are invented the industry supplies the appropriate tool to get them off (in theory) This tool is the best way to keep up. I sell the small bits at 30p each or 4 for £1 and usually have a assortment of 100 at £10 (10 p each). Power versions are longer and 50p each. There are ratchet handles available and adaptors to use sockets on. Some of the socket sets include screwdriver bits and there are dedicated sets which I pick up from time to time. The bits designed for power tools are longer but there is also an adaptor that comes in varying shaft lengths to take the smaller bits usually magnetic. But beware, the small bits will shatter under pressure. For stuck screw you really need an Impact driver. (Or an old strong driver). There are now impact quality small size bits which I sell at a premium.

Impact Driver
Impact Driver

The set shown is By Blue Spot and retails at £10

The bits are harder and more robust to allow for the stress of impact. You literally hit it and, depending on the setting it forces the screw left or right while the impact reduces the chance of slipping. Do not use normal bits (they should not fit anyway) they will shatter. Under the bit holder is a half inch holder for sockets, but again you must use impact sockets.

Impact Socket set

1o piece set by Blue Spot £15. Individually £2 each (when available).

I know have deep impact sockets from the same manufacturer at £3 each or the full set for £35


I try and keep a good range of G-clamps in, albeit the modern cast variety. Older ones are stronger but tend to have lost the flat tip.

As an example 4″ are £3 each or two for £5. I normally carry 1,2,3,4 & 6 inch new.

I have a special purchase of 3 clamps (1″, 2″ & 3″) for £2


I have invested in some 300mm F-clamps from £3 -£8 depending on the size

I have also bought in some metal ratchet clamps as opposed to the more flimsy plastic ones

Sash Clamps

I don’t buy in the new Sash clams because they are flimsy (IMHO).

I do get old sash clamps in from time to time and have 4 at present £30 each

Leather Punch
Leather Punch

Rotating head gives different sizes. £3.50 (exact model may vary)



My basic price for pliers is £1 each but there are exceptions

The above is a general purpose plier that will suit most jobs. There is a side cutter included that will cut and strip electric wiring without buying the specialist pliers

Side Cutting pliers
Side Cutters

Dedicated cutter. Should cut electric cable and Zip ties etc, but not steel wire.

I have now sourced a cable cutter for thicker wires.

Pointed pliers
Pointed pliers

For getting into narrow areas. Also has a side cutter.

Locking / Vice grips

“Mole” is a trade name and one to look out for as they are much stronger than modern versions

£3 for older models, New ones are £3-5 depending on size and manufacturer.


For pulling nails and often sharp enough to cut with

There are several specialised tools for crimping or cutting electrical cables. At any one time I will have a selection.

Wire Strippers
Wire Strippers

Semi-automatic wire stripper.

Pump pliers
Pump Pliers

Adjustable grips, primarily for Plumbing but can come in handy for bigger nuts or when you cant get the right size spanner. They are not cheap. The £2 are very flimsy. It is worth spending a little more on the stronger ones: £5-£10.

There is a small two position plier I sell at £1.50




Stilson is a brand name. It is really a Pipe Wrench The Americans call it a “Monkey Wrench”. It is an adjustable wrench with more power than the pump pliers because it does not rely on your hand pressure to stay closed. Usual sizes from 6″ to 18″ (there are bigger ones and I have both 24″ & 36″ at present) Prices from £3. Older ones are better quality. If you use a scaffolding pole to add leverage don’t be surprised if the handle bends.

There are many older adjustables with a different design

Antque adjustable
Antique designs

Some have the screw built into the body of the handle. Prices from £2 upwards depending on size and quality

This seems to be the appropriate place for Pipe benders and cutters

The usual type bends 15mm and 22mm pipes. I am now ensuring that they have the appropriate formers (guides) included (as shown) and therefore am charging £20 for them.

I often have the springs that support manual bending but they are not easy to use.

Pipe Cutters

Individual cutters come in several sizes 15mm up to 22m £5 each And a small microbore for £3

There are several other sized pipe cutting tools that I get from time to time.

Adjustable Pipe Cutter

Heavy duty Pipe cutter

Ratchet Pipe Cutter

I am stocking the Blue Spot ratchet cutter , and the Marksman adjustable, I may also have some second hand single sized cutters.



Open Ended Spanner Combination Spanner Ring Spanner

For more detailed discussion go to the Automotive section, Suffice it here to say that I carry a wide range of spanners: combination (ring and open the same size), ring or open ended, plus adjustables and some ratchets. Both metric and S.A.E. (imperial)

The new spanners are polished chrome vanadium and very solid.

25 piece for £30 (6-28, 30 & 32)

I have sourced some decent ratchet spanners 8-19mm £3 each

I also have a range of adjustable spanners. £3 for the smaller ones, £5 for the standard 12″ (300mm) £8.50 for 15″


Adjustable Spanner

Adjustable Spanners


40 socket
40 piece 3/8 £6

I carry a wide range of both individual sockets, and full sets, including Torx and Allen key versions.

For fuller information please go to the Automotive section


Ball Pein Hammer

There are probably more shapes and sizes that I can cover. Like New hammers are £3 each. The above is a Ball pein The rounded end is supposed to be more accurate. Most people just buy a Claw hammer

Claw hammer
Claw Hammer

Metal handled or wooden handled £3 each

Pin hammers have a thin almost wedge back with a narrow face to enable you to hit tacks rather than your fingers (in theory)

Lump Hammer
Club Hammer

Usually nick named a “lump Hammer” . I sell old ones at £3 each and a decent 1.8kg new one for £6.

I sell Sledge hammers from £8 when I have them. (in stock)

Blue Spot Club Hammer (newer ones have different design)



For saws please see the woodworking section. Suffice it to say I carry most types of hand and power saw. And have invested in some new ones for those who prefer it. £5 each

Hex Key set
Allen and Torx keys

Hex keys are traditionally called Allen Keys. The new star ones are called Torx Keys. (The female version is an E-Socket) I have various sets and individual ones, both imperial and metric but not all of them are calibrated. A basic set like the one shown is £1.50. The better sets are around £5-£8, with the T handles ones coming in at £15 for a decent set. I normally carry individual allen or torx keys from 30p each, 50p for a big one.

Staple Guns

Staple gun
Staple Guns

In truth I don’t like these because there are so many variable in terms of staple size and different makes are not compatible. The one shown is a light weight one for £5, but it has now been replaced with new packaging to include some staples £8.

I have invested in packs of 8mm & 10mm staples at £1.50 each (To fit the machine I carry)



At any one time I will have a variety of scissors from Dressmaking to general, even child friendly. I sharpen them (and will sharpen yours for a price). I knock them out at 50p mostly.

Stanley Knives

Please note that I am not allowed to sell any blades or knives to minors. (or for minors)

Modern Health & safety rules and regs insist that this sort of blade is both lockable and retractable. I do not tend to carry the vast variety of modern versions. I sell basic, old fashioned knives and replacement blades as shown, or similar (currently packs of 5 for 50p)

Hobby Knife
Hobby Knife

More like a scalpel. Very sharp. Replaceable blades available. £1.50 each. Also packs of three with assorted blades £3.50


I normally have some cheap and cheerful household brushes for £2 each. I have got in some yard brushes at £3 each.

I also carry wire brushes

Wire brush
Wire brush

I am selling them all at £1 each  at present

I also carry a Spid plastic handled one with tipped bristles for £2


gaffer tape
Gaffer tape

The universal balsam and fixer. My rolls are normally 25m for £2 but I have some special purchase 50m at £2.50

I usually carry some PVC and insulating tapes at 50p. And now have Masking tape, double sided, and PTF tape.

I now have some shorter or smaller reels of insulating and masking tape at 30p each

I do not normally sell glues or solvents.

Wet and Dry
Wet & Dry paper

The basic sheets I sell are material backed so should not fall apart. Most are wet/dry. Grades from 40 to 1200. 5op each. I also sell paper for power tools.

Power tool Accesories

Drill Bits
Drill Bits

For a more detailed discussion go to the .power tools section

I carry new and re-sharpened drills of most sizes. Prices start from 50p. Pre packaged from £1 for 2, £2 for a cheap selection and more for better quality. I sell SDS bits from £2.50 each. I also sell accessories for most power tools, from saw blades, to grinding or cutting discs.

Cantilever boxes

I usually have some metal cantilever boxes and  often plastic ones as well. I also have some smaller metal tool boxes.

Occasionally I get traditional Engineering  boxes. Please see my Facebook page for updates

Work Benches

I have often got Workmates and cloned copies. The basic ones go for around £15. The ones with a step are nearer £30 when I have them.

(No portable benches in stock at present)


I prefer old ones but I can’t always get them so I usually carry miniature vices as shown for £6 And a clamp-on variety at £5

Engineering vice

3″ Engineers vice £15, 4″ £25, 6″ £40. Woodworking vice £15. Older, larger and quick release vices when available, price dependant on purchase price.

I have a couple  of large metalwork vices, one of which is quick release plus a really big Woden 5″ quick release wood vice, a Record 4″ woodworking vice along with a selection of smaller 3″  woodworking vices. I also have a B&D Clamp-on hobby vice and  a couple of other clamp vices. Otherwise I only have the new metalwork ones above.


I often have tile cutters like the one shown and usually a tile nibbling tool. (for powered cutters please go to the power tools section)

I usually have a selection of scrapers at 50p each.


At any one time I may have 4ft levels or just a short one. £5 for a big one, £2 for a small one unless it is an antique.

I have bought in some new 3ft levels £5 each.


An unusual, one off. A pipe freezing kit for when you can’t get at the stop cock. Works off CO2 gas.



I often have step ladders and occasionally extending ones. I have a 23ft extending and two wooden 5 step ladders

I get all sorts of specialist and unusual tools so look around or, if you have a specific task, please ask.